2020 CE - Surfing debuts at the Tokyo Olympics.

2050 CE - Ocean acidification kills off most coral reef. Earth’s population becomes 9 billion.

2070 CE - Glaciers slowly disappear. Drought increases and becomes more frequent. Fire seasons become longer.

2080 CE - Increasing coastal flooding. 2.2 billion people experience water shortages and 600 million go hungry. Sea levels rise by more than four feet in New York.

2100 CE - Ecosystems are pushed to its limit. Carbon dioxide levels rise due to thawing permafrost and other factors. ¼ of all plants and land animals are driven to extinction.

2200 CE - Collapse of major ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica, causing a dramatic rise in sea levels. Dust bowls become the norm.

2320 CE - Gas methane released from arctic permafrost and methane hydrates, dramatically increase rate of warming. Sea water now saturated with CO2, increasing greenhouse warming. Due to a 12 degree rise in temperature, ½ of world’s population die of direct heat.

Present Day

2350 CE - The human population must evacuate as Earth has become uninhabitable. NASA has successfully launched the Stanford Torus - a human space habitat. On board the Stanford Torus is a scientist named Ellison. Ellison an astrophysicist and pilot, is also an avid surfer. He looks down upon Earth with sadness as his once home planet has turned into ruin and his love for surfing no longer possible.

Ellison has endured many hardships throughout his life. The most difficult being when his surf mates, who were his best friends, passed away 30 years ago due to heat illness.

Ellison dreams of one day surfing again in memory of his friends and to find an exoplanet to inhabit and share his love of riding waves.

This dream ultimately provokes Ellison to do the unthinkable...to journey on his own and embark on an intergalactic mission in search of waves and a new home for the human race...


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